“Remit #1”

Click here for updated YouTube video to inform board vote Jan 24/24

Click here for general resources to inform your vote

The national United Church, ‘General Council 44’, proposed to remove barriers to an “Autonomous National Indigenous Organization” within the UCC.

The change requires each community of faith to vote, by its governing body, by March 2024, with non-votes counted as ‘no’ votes.

To engage our members and to inform our board’s vote, planned for January 2024,  participating in  a workshop on September 24  is a next step

Click here for an invitation to attend at Southampton or at Trinity Annan Sept 24

Right Relations with Indigenous Neighbours

We acknowledge IDP every year in June, Orange Shirt Day in September, begin all our life and work as treaty people on lands of Treaty 45 1/2, neighbours of Saukiing Anishnaabekiing and Metis Nation - follow links from this page to learn more.

Click here to learn more about UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) and the UCC

Click here to learn more about Apologies by the national UCC over decades

Treaties Covering Our Area

Learn more as settlers and treaty people!   Plan to start or end your self-directed tour from the front lawn of First UC, across the sound from us

Walking Together Tour

Anytime, using your phone or tablet to learn more at each stop and plaque

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