Heretics Like Us.

What’s a heretic?

Somebody who doesn’t believe the ‘right’ things?

That’s us!

Somebody who’s not blindly obedient to authority?

That’s us, too!

We called a minister whose website is

We welcome other ‘heretics like us’

Even if unorthodox people don’t join us - those heretics do like us too! since 2008 - adding a podcast for 2022: Heretics Like Us on Spotify, Google podcasts, etc

Glib Liberals Read Leviticus

Easter Season 2022, read Leviticus: ‘Consumption and Sacrifice’, 'Purity and Pollution’ - subversive stuff! Chapter a day, 5-10 minutes, audio and notes at website and podcast!

Exodus: Wrecking and Remaking Normal

Follow the 40 chapters of Exodus over the 40 days of Lent - 5-10 minutes a day, 30-60 minutes a week - summaries on Sundays to start the week - and podcast Heretics Like Us

Who Do You Say I Am?

‘The Aughts’ - first century of the Common Era - did Jesus ask it first, for Peter to confess: ‘Messiah’? Meet the first bunch of ‘heretics like us’, the “Axial Age Artists” from Jesus to apocalyptic, legalist, free spirits creating what we find at the back end of our bible!

Hippolytus’ 3 Questions

‘The 100’s’ - second century of the Common Era - Hippolytus is credited with boiling it down to ‘I believe’ response to 3 questions, among ‘early church fathers’ - and with being an ‘anti-pope’! Late in the century, 'Refutation of All Heresies’ is his book - Meet some ‘Boys and the Book’!

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