Advent and Christmas 2021

4 Sundays of Waiting at 10am

Christmas Welcome

Before, between, or after your household celebrations:

4pm Christmas Eve - Backyard Stable carols, pageant, all ages

7pm Christmas Eve, livestream from sanctuary

10am Christmas Day - informal Zoom from Sanctuary

10am Boxing Day Sunday - livestream from sanctuary

Hospitable and Safe

We’ve been back onsite since July 4, livestreaming from the sanctuary - and also enjoying our backyard with Summer Sunset Vespers, where we can relax our masking and distancing more than indoors - come see!

Yes, we keep contact screening sheets for each onsite gathering, exclusively for Public Health Unite use in contact tracing: name, phone number, and self-reporting.

We require responses from all participants:

  1. Are you still not vaccinated against COVID-19? Yes/No

  2. Do you have a fever, new or existing cough and/or difficulty breathing? Yes/No

  3. Have you come in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, or been notified to self-isolate or self-monitor for a possible contact? Yes/No

  4. Have you or a person in close contact with you travelled outside the country recently, requiring self-monitoring under current government guidelines? Yes/No

  5. Do you withhold permission to have your image posted on social media? Yes/No

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